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After School & Entertainment Programs

After School & Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Class Schedule


St. Stephen's offers two types of after school programs for its students: Extended Aftercare Services and Enrichment Programs. The After School Program is committed to ensuring the social, recreational, and academic growth of its students by providing a safe, positive, and nurturing environment where students can thrive in every activity. The safety and well-being of the students are of foremost concern. There is an off-duty police officer on campus until the last student leaves. The After School Program begins immediately after school and runs until 6:00 PM on every full day of school.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Programs offers three different sessions during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Enrichment classes vary each session but include activities such as team sports, art, science, dance, chess, foreign language, archery and more. The After School Enrichment classes offer the students the opportunity to explore and develop a variety of new interests. 

After Care

The St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School After School Athletic Program provides enrichment in various sports such as soccer, flag football, and basketball. The athletic program will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline and positive competition. Through these athletic programs, students are given every opportunity to explore the sport in an environment that nurtures the development of each participant regardless of athletic abilities. Coaches will emphasize the importance of winning with humility and losing with dignity. Most importantly, we accomplish these goals while having fun. The After School Athletic program hopes to instill knowledge of the sport and develop the love of the game.

For any questions or concerns contact the Director, Ileana Nardo at or 305-537-1262.

Aftercare is offered on every full day of school, 2:30pm – 6:00pm. It is not offered on early dismissal days. You do not register your child for Aftercare. It is a walk-in service. If you would like for your child to stay in Aftercare, simply advise your child’s homeroom teacher. Any student not picked up at the dismissal line will be signed into Aftercare.

Aftercare is offered from 2:30pm – 6:00pm daily and is billed at a rate of $10 per hour or any portion thereof. Billing time starts at the end of the student’s dismissal time:
PK-SK: 2:45pm
Gr. 1-2: 3:00pm
Gr. 3-5: 3:15pm
Late fee of $10 every 15 minutes will be charged for any child picked up after 6pm.

Registration for enrichment classes is only done online. You may access the registration site and weekly class schedule on the SSEDS After School page. You may find the link on the SSEDS website.

REFUNDS/DROP/CHANGE of Enrichment Classes:

This policy shall provide a full refund to anyone who makes a written request for withdrawal before the second class. Full refunds after the first class are given only for medical reasons that prohibits the student from attending the program. Refunds requested for medical reasons must also be accompanied by a physician’s note and be made prior to the conclusion of the program.

$50 late registration fee.
Class fee is not prorated due to late registration.
$50 fee for dropping or changing a class within the first 2 week period.
No drop/change after the second class.

Students enrolled in enrichment classes are escorted by a teacher to Aftercare. The after school staff escorts the students to their enrichment classes. There is no charge for aftercare service prior to the start time of enrichment classes.  Students needing aftercare service after their enrichment class will be billed at a rate of $10 per hour or any portion thereof. Students who are not picked up promptly will be sign into Aftercare.

Parents must park in a designated parking area and come onto campus to sign out their child. The main office entrance is open until 4pm. At that time the office is closed. The McFarlane entrance (church side) opens at 4pm for parent pick-up.

  • The After School staff will facilitate the parent with pick up location.
  • All students must be signed out by a parent or authorized party.
  • The authorized adult must provide a signature on the sign out sheet when the student LEAVES campus rather than when the authorized adult walks onto campus.
  • Students needing aftercare service after their enrichment class will be billed at a rate of $10 per hour or any portion thereof.

All children must be signed out by a parent or authorized party.  In order for the school to release your child, parents or an authorized party may be asked to show proof of identification to an aftercare staff member. Please inform the Director of After School, Ileana Nardo, if someone is not allowed to pick up your child.

The recess court and picnic area is reserved for After School use only. If you are a parent with a sibling waiting for your child to finish an after school activity, kindly wait at the Johnston Building picnic tables area. Your child is always welcome to play on the court if he/she is signed into the After School Program.

It is the school's policy that current teachers and substitutes are the only adults permitted to use the campus for tutoring/homework purposes. All adults who work on our property have gone through the hiring process and have passed a background check.

*Please Note: After School personnel are responsible for students who have signed into the Aftercare program. Those students who remain on campus for private tutoring are the responsibility of the tutor.

For any questions contact the Director of After School, Ileana Nardo at or 305-537-1262

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