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Annual Giving

Annual Giving

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St. Stephen's is blessed with the generosity of families who, each school year, donate a gift to the Annual Fund. Parents, grandparents, teachers and staff, alumni families and special friends all participate together to raise funds. These funds provide vital support for core activities, program enrichments, and facility enhancements throughout the year. The Annual Fund provides the extra margin of excellence over that afforded by tuition and fees.

Annual Giving is the cornerstone of all fundraising at St. Stephen's – the foundation upon which each of our other fundraising efforts rests. The unrestricted nature of Annual Giving gives the School the flexibility to meet the areas of greatest institutional need.

Everywhere you look around our campus, we see so many program, facility and equipment enhancements that have been made possible through the generous support of the Annual Fund.

St. Stephen's extended family is smaller than most universities or large charities' communities. But the need is still here for greater resources. Many families then make St. Stephen's one of their top three philanthropic priorities. Each gift, no matter the size, given to St. Stephen's goes a very long way to pay for new books, new software, expenses for teaching conferences, special educational assemblies, and more!

This is a question for your family to decide. Some families budget a little more each month to give to the school, and some give a one-time gift each fall. The average Annual Fund gift to independent schools in Florida is $1,531. Every single gift makes an impact on providing resources for our students and teachers!

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising effort. Each fall, everyone in the St. Stephen's family is asked to participate: Faculty and Staff, the Board of Trustees, current families, alumni families, grandparents and even special friends. The dollars raised from each gift support and benefit our school and our students.

St. Stephen's is dedicated to keep tuition at a reasonable level, and balance the operating budget. Educational basics, salaries and benefits and the cost of operating the facilities: these costs drive tuition. Most independent schools like St. Stephen's ask for charitable gifts from their extended family to further support their students, teachers and school. The difference at St. Stephen's is that your gift directly benefits the special programs that make our school unique. Your gift pays for upgrades to technology, or new curriculum resources for teachers, or enhancements to the library or art class, and so much more!

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