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Today’s topic: What’s a hashtag?

George Couros compared a hashtag to a T.V. channel.  It’s the topic of conversation, and all of the content focuses around that label (the hashtag).  You may only have a few followers, but including a hashtag allows you to communicate with a much larger audience.  If you include a hashtag in your post, everyone who follows that hashtag can view the content you shared in that particular post.  Hashtag use can also vary depending on the social media platform.  Let’s look at a few examples together.

On Instagram, an example of a hashtag is #nature.  This hashtag is used when people want to share pictures they have taken of the great outdoors.  Hashtags may be used to identify a brand, like #SSEDS (St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School).  Hashtags can also be used to connect like-minded people or find experts in a particular field.  

On Twitter, you can find hashtags such as:
#AskAuthor- Have your questions answered by authors from around the globe
#BestRead- Get book recommendations

You may also see hashtags on Facebook but to a different effect.  Often hashtags on Facebook index emotions (#SoHappy #FingersCrossed #Excited #Blessed) with a sillier tone.  The intention of the author is often for comedic effect or expressing emotion versus trying to communicate with a larger audience (like Instagram or Twitter).

How do you use hashtags on your social media account?  Share your thoughts here!

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