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Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Marcello Agostini
Pastor Willie Allen-Faiella and Mr. Chris Faiella
Arquitectonica Foundation | Bernardo Fort and Laurinda Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Inigo Ardid
The Arteaga Family
Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo Baptista
Mr. Amar Bajpai and Dr. Cristina Vieira
The Barrington family
Christopher and Catherine Block and Family | Weiss Family Foundation
Carlos and Natalia Bonzon
Mr. John Boord
Ana and Nelson Calle
Juan and Christina Calle
Ted Caplow | Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Caruncho
Mr. Masaru Ceja and Ms. Peggy Berti
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Cisneros
Mr. and Mrs. Henrique Cisneros
The Chapur Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dougan Clarke
The Coello de Portugal Family
Mr. Russell Corbett and Mr. Christopher Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Creel
Mr. Ron Daw
The de la Serna family
Ms. Emiliana De Oteyza
Mr. and Mrs. Damir Delic
The Dennis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Diemar III
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Echavarria
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Echavarria
The Egas Family
Walter and Channyle Fernandez
The Ferraro Family
The Ferreira de Melo family
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Fonseca
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gardner
Guillermo Garcia and Mariela Gomez
Garmendia Family
Goldman, Sachs and Co
Mr. and Mrs. José González
The Gonzalez Bergoderi Family
Mr. Cesar Gueikian and Ms. Amanda Church
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Guerrero
Aleco and Vicki Haralambides
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Henriquez
The Hernandez de Castro Family
The Herrera Ponce de Leon Family
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Horvilleur
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Hoyer
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Imery
Mr. George Irvin
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Isaias
William Isaias and Estefania Cooke
Michael and Ileana Janoura
Javier Jimenez and Sureen Chi
The Junqueira Family
Thomas Kimen and Karen Murray
Mr. Timo Kipp and Ms. Delina Scarpone
Dr. and Mrs. Harald Kohlmann
Jordan and Sara Krawll
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Kunhardt
The Lazaro Piazzesi Family
Jacques and Melissa Levy
Ruth Lilly Foundation
Mrs. Margaret Long
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ly
The MacLean Family
The Maher Family | St. James Smokehouse
The Marquez Family
Ms. Yery Marrero and Ms. Susan Bozorgi
Mr. and Mrs. David Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Martinez-Cid
The Mason Family
Mr. and Mrs. Riley McCormack
Ms. Joy McIntosh
Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Mendoza
Merrill Lynch
Mr. Eduardo Michelsen and Ms. Lucia Castellanos
Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Miguel
Mr. Bruno Miranda and Mrs. Beatriz Pesquera
The Monssoh Family
The Moody Family
Mr. and Mrs. Matias Mosse
Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Muñoz
The Murphy Family | Coastal Construction
Mariví and Darius Nevin
Katherine Lilly Nicholas
Sandra and Jaime Nicolas Correa
The Olloqui Family
The Argiz and Orozco Families
Mr. Patrick Orlando and Ms. Jennifer Withers
Meredith and Michael Ortega
Cathy Pareto and Karla Arguello
Keval and Seema Patel
Bertrand and Eve Paulet
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Pavan
Carola Pimentel
The Puri Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Amar Rajadhyaksha
The Sabga Family
The Sagebien Family
The Sagrera-Martinez Bordiu Family
Emmanuel Sebag and Lisa Cortes
Ms. Heidi Sell
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Shaner
The Shriver Family
Mr. and Mrs. Riccardo Silva
Mark and Christina Sirinyan
Mr. Arturo Siso and Claudia Vesce
The Sola Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Souto
Rodolfo and Norma Suarez
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Taha
Paulo and Maria Tavares de Melo
Are and Siri Willoch Traasdahl
UBS International
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Urdaneta
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Urquidi
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Veloso
The Voss del Vecchio family
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wanderer
Amalia and Scott Weber
The Wesoloski Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wyss
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Yale
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Xydas