During this unprecedented time of change, we are committed to connecting with and supporting our entire community.

We have updated our COVID-19 Protocols as of October 18, 2020. Our SSEDS Reopening Plan details our protocols and procedures for a safe and responsible opening. Our COVID Scenario Guidelines provides information on the steps taken in varying scenarios.
We are SSEDS Strong and we will get through this together!


Questions Regarding School Year 2020/2021

We opened school this year with SSEDS Remote Learning for all students. Once we determined that it was safe to move forward, we welcomed students for one day of in-person instruction each week and ultimately transitioned to all students on campus each day. Some of our families have opted to remain in remote only learning, and they are able to zoom with their classmates and teachers throughout the day.

Regardless of which scenario(s) are in play during the upcoming school year, the vast majority of the school's expenses will be unchanged.  70% of our costs are our faculty and staff, and we as a Board firmly believe any reduction in headcount would have an adverse impact on the quality of our students' education.

Another 13% of our costs are related to the facilities, which will actually see an uptick due to the preparations we are making to deal with the pandemic.

12% of our costs are for necessary and untouchable operations such as technology, insurance, accounting and legal, and the like.

This leaves 5% of the costs that are potentially variable, and every effort is being made to control these costs as much as possible without impacting the quality of the education.

Finally, important to keep in mind, SSEDS, like most private schools, relies on fundraising to help keep tuition costs lower than they would be without such fundraising.  Consistent with other independent schools, each year the Board budgets to a small deficit before any contribution from the Annual Fund, SHA contributions and the like.  In other words, historically (and intentionally) our tuition already does not cover our annual costs.

Between payments already received and the depth of our waiting list, not to mention our endowment, SSEDS will be operating business as usual (whatever that may end up being) for the next school year and beyond.

As of now, we are not planning to have after school enrichments, but after care will be provided for parents that work.


Upcoming Events

November 6, 2020

Faculty Professional Day - NO SCHOOL

November 25 - 29, 2020

Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

December 7, 2020

Faculty Professional Day - NO SCHOOL