Unveiling the Genius Within

This year we celebrate the School's 60th anniversary and look ahead as we prepare to provide for our next generation of students. Prior capital campaigns have helped sustain our place as one of the top Pre-K through Grade 5 independent schools in the state, and we now need to apply that same level of commitment to developing programs that build on creativity, passion, learning, and leadership via a culture of innovation, flexible learning environments, and community as a brand.

To fully realize our Mission, we must respond to our ongoing needs for re-envisioned facilities supporting the 5-year strategic plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2016. Well-planned and carefully constructed facilities create lasting benefits, cultivating excellence in teaching and learning, contributing to the richness and relevance of each student's journey through St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, while simultaneously affording us new opportunities to attract a talented and diverse community of learners.


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