Unveiling the Genius Within

Contributing to the richness and relevance of each student’s journey
through St. Stephen’s Episcopal Schoolool

Unveiling the Genius Within will enhance the learning environment for our students. The keystone of our strategic plan is a building which will transform our campus. This building will seamlessly connect not only the physical and green space but also the creative and innovative programs of today and tomorrow. Additional community space will provide an atmosphere in which our students will develop and foster important interpersonal skills and lasting friendships.

Explore Passion

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" – Aristotle

The modular performance spaces will permit children to better explore their artistic talents through real-world experiences where students can develop an innovator’s mindset and drive their own learning. Through the collaboration of the arts, sciences, and mathematics, students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity. The Makerspaces will facilitate these STEAM experiences for all children. This space is geared toward the overall well-being of our students, as socially-confident students are better learners and leaders. In addition, the new performance space will house our entire school community.

  • A large gathering space for studying and socializing will foster a greater sense of community and give rise to increased opportunities for interaction between students and adults.
  • The new space will enhance the experience of every member of our community—our students, our alumni, our parents, and our faculty and staff members—who will now have a common place to interact.

"Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession." - Gabrielle Bernstein

Spark Creativity

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" – Albert Einstein

The new facility will provide an idea space for enhanced learning. This is an open, flexible space that enables teachers and students to collaborate across disciplines in a seamless fashion. This open concept fosters multidisciplinary education, which will allow our students to enhance their ability to be creators of content. The new space will be designed and equipped to support basic and advanced classes in established and emerging disciplines that students require for contemporary and future science literacy and research. In addition, the flexibility of the spaces will enable the new facility to serve the needs of the school far into the future as the curriculum evolves.

  • The easily transformable spaces will support teaching the arts, science and math in new and different ways with an emphasis on actively engaging students in daily classwork.
  • Classrooms are designed to provide flexibility for actively engaged students to work at any moment including outdoor exploration on terraces and virtual collaboration.

"Children are naturally curious. We provide a safe environment where asking questions, listening with empathy, and risk-taking are encouraged. We inspire our students to become creators of content rather than consumers." Inge Wassmann, Director of Innovation

Ignite Learning

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching" – Unknown

The School will build a dedicated space where the most current and innovative technologies are implemented in a hands-on format. Virtual Reality, coding, robotics, computational thinking and design exploration are a fundamental part of the St. Stephen’s experience. They acquire skills to succeed and connect with others in their path of discovery.

  • Students explore real-world problems and take responsibility for their own learning. They acquire skills to succeed and connect with others in their path of discovery.
  • STEAM by design: Foster collaboration by placing STEAM teachers in close proximity with flexible learning environments.
  • Energy-saving systems will supply cooling, proper ventilation, and smart windows that tint and clear during the day.

"At St. Stephen's, we instill a life-long love of learning. Our students are passionate problem-solvers who are equipped to solve tomorrow's issues because they can invent, create, and think analytically." – Dr. Ashley Cross

Empower Leaders

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" – Helen Keller

All students will benefit from the new facility. This project will maintain our school’s historic campus while increasing its capacity to serve the needs of students, faculty members, parents, alumni, and greater community. The new facility will serve as an important epicenter on campus.

The new facility will provide space for innovative programming. The new space will provide what students require for contemporary and future literacy. The design and equipment will support basic and advanced programs in established and emerging disciplines. In addition, the flexibility of the spaces will enable the new facility to serve the needs of the school far into the future as education continues to evolve.

Bringing technology, software and hardware into the new building, with modern, state-of-art improvements, will enhance infrastructure, security, connectivity and access to technology. This modern space will enable us to provide future-ready educational programs for future-ready leaders.

  • The new space will empower students to see themselves as change makers and lead the way in a technologically-advanced world.
  • Flexible Stage/Performance area
  • Recording studio/ student broadcasting

"Learners become thoughtful, compassionate, and innovative thinkers who communicate confidently and aspire to be forces for good in the world." – Silvia Larrauri, Head of School

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