Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Grade 1


One of the most anticipated events of Grade 1 is Old Fashioned Day. On this particular school day, students are transported back in time to experience a school day as children would have known it years ago. Students dress up, have a picnic lunch (that they bring in a pail) and they even churn butter! Lessons are conducted with a slate board, chalk, and vintage readers; candlelight takes the place of electricity for the day. At recess, students play antiquated games including hopscotch, red rover, jump rope, jacks, and marbles. The students perform a special song at flag salute. The Grade 1 field trip is a visit to Plymouth Congregation Church, the site of the oldest one­room schoolhouse in Dade County, dating back to 1887.

Grade 1 participates in book clubs and has a partnership with Grade 4 for reading buddies. Every week leveled books are sent home to help develop fluency. As parents are an important partner in their child’s educational journey, strategies and techniques are discussed at Back to School Coffee on how to best assist children with reading at home. Accelerated Reader program is introduced to check comprehension on independent reading.

Each year Grade 1 takes a field trip to see a play based on one of the books they read.  Students experience the joy of theater by watching the characters come to life on stage.

Students learn many different forms of writing. Over the course of the year, they author many works, including narrative pieces, opinion essays, comparison work, and informational writing. They are also exposed to D'nealian handwriting.

Math class is heavily discussion-based, and math stories are an essential element of class. Students learn to articulate their mathematical reasoning and multiple approaches to problem-solving. Being able to explain mathematical reasoning is evidence of a deeper understanding of the central foundational concepts. Hands ­on learning is accomplished through the heavy use of manipulatives in the mathematics curriculum.

Grade 1 students also engage in Project-Based Learning activities. This year they are taking part in a global initiative through the Traveling Teddy Bear program. Students learn manners and demonstrate social graces for parents in the Sweetheart Dance every February. On Presidents’ Day, each child takes on the persona of a president. They complete a presidential portrait in Art Class and present interesting facts and accomplishments to their peers. It’s an exciting year full of hands-­on experiences.

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November 6, 2020

Faculty Professional Day - NO SCHOOL

November 25 - 29, 2020

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December 7, 2020

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