Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Grade 2


In Grade 2, students develop into strong readers. A love for literature emerges through exposure to a variety of different books, genres, and authors.  Oral read alouds are an important part of the day; teachers spend twenty minutes a day reading to the class. In the second grade, the students read more than 10 novels a year. Students are exposed to different reading strategies. Complex themes are explored through literature that seamlessly tie into our character education program. Students love to discuss the multifaceted issues from the stories.

In social studies, families are part of the fun!  Tours Around The World are led by parent “tour guides” which include sample foods and a small souvenir.  As students learn about the different regions, they are exposed to different cultures and beliefs. Additionally, they study the animals of the world in science. By the end of this exciting unit, our students are global citizens!  Closer to home, students learn about all 50 states. Each student becomes a tour guide for their classmates, and they create promotional material enticing their peers to visit their state through fun and factual information. This activity culminates in a ‘State Fair’ for parents and school administrators.

Grade 2 is an important year for mathematics; foundational skills like number sense are developed. The process is emphasized and understanding how a student comes up with an answer is an important component of Grade 2 math. Students hone their analyzing skills as they become more familiar with algebraic problem-solving. Number talks are a discussion-based activity to promote a thorough understanding of how problems may be attacked in multiple ways. Students video themselves explaining their thinking process, post it to our classroom blog, and experience multiple perspectives to arriving at a solution.

In writing, students create an online portfolio. Throughout the year they experience regular journal writing as they are taught the writing process. Writing studies throughout the year take students through narrative, expository, and persuasive writing.  Cursive is also introduced in Grade 2, while mastery is not achieved until Grade 3.

Project-based learning is an important part of the curriculum. When we reach the culmination of a novel, we do many projects. Past projects have included art projects including watercolors with emotion, character analysis without using faces or bodies, boxcar children diorama.  Students engage in imaginative activities such as writing the next chapter of a novel or making stone soup with items brought in by the students.

Grade 2 have two class pets: Sheila the rabbit and Cookie the guinea pig. Students learn responsibility as they care for Sheila and Cookie.

Grade 2 field trip includes a performance of child actors at the Coral Gables Youth Center. Empowered by the experience of observing child actors, Grade 2 students put on a play of their own. The students memorize dialogue, learn basic drama terminology and choreography. It’s a great way to end an exciting year!



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