Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Grade 3


In Grade 3, students begin the journey as researchers. Students make the transition of reading to learn whereas younger grades focus on learning to read. Students analyze text more deeply, putting into context more applications.

The year begins with an examination of the United Nations, looking at how they have assisted other countries and what we can do to help. iPads are incorporated throughout the research process in social studies. After extensive research, students create their own character and write their backstory, which is published in a hardcover book. Immigration Day is the culminating activity where students experience a hands­-on day in the life of an immigrant going through U.S. customs, including interviews, a medical examination, and baggage check. Our parent community loves the opportunity to be a part of their child’s school experience, participating in events like Immigration Day, where they facilitate stations and interact with students.

In literature, students study myths, legends, and fairy tales. A favorite student activity is a deep study of the 12 Olympians from Greek mythology. Students research the stories and compare and contrast the characters.

Students work in cross-­curricular stations to receive an individual approach. Teachers work with smaller groups to develop new skills, while old skills are reinforced through a spiral curriculum that revisits objectives previously learned.

In writing, students learn to conduct research. Additionally, they learn about the different types of writing and go through the editing process with peer revising. Students develop summarizing and paraphrasing skills.

Math is exciting in third grade. With a focus on vocabulary and the process of learning; students obtain a deep understanding of foundational skills that set them up for success when they encounter complex mathematical concepts in the future. Students learn to create a problem and then solve it, developing critical thinking and fluency with word problems.

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