Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Grade 4


In Grade 4, students focus on making more independent choices. They need to understand that taking a risk simply means taking a chance. Even if it doesn’t work out the first time, they have the opportunity to come up with a new plan. Students learn how to take risks and persevere.

In Language Arts, the year begins with activities for their summer reading books. This gives us a chance to evaluate their ability to follow directions, and their writing skills and handwriting skills. Themes of the novels Grade 4 reads throughout the year are concerned with choices people make and consequences of those choices. Character education traits are examined in relation to the literature studied. The year finishes with a novel about 1880s pioneers in Florida, bridging literature and social studies.

Florida history is project­-based. The first unit of study examines our state symbols, the organization of state government, and a comparison of the different regions of Florida. The students then delve into the past to examine prehistoric animals followed by a study of the people who inhabited Florida before the Spanish arrived. Students discover that the native people had a complex and rich culture. The culminating activity is a presentation about a ‘Day in the Life’ from the perspective of a member of native tribes.

In order to understand colonial life in Florida, students research the types of skills needed to start a settlement. Students choose a trade to research and then build a replica of their home and shop using a virtual reality website. They learn what life was like in an early 1700’s Spanish settlement, loosely based on St. Augustine.

The highlight of the year is a three­ day trip in which all fourth-grade students and parents visit historical sites of the oldest continuously occupied settlement in and around St. Augustine, Florida.

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