Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Grade 5


St. Stephen’s provides unique opportunities to cultivate leadership skills throughout the year: safety patrol, acolytes, speech contest, Grade 5 Play, Christmas Pageant, reading buddies, Diocesan Festival, and Student Council. Seacamp is a highly ­anticipated field trip for Grade 5 students. The culminating experience of St. Stephen’s is Graduation and the traditional Maypole Ceremony. At St. Stephen’s, we also cultivate strong bonds between student groups. Our graduating Grade 5 students invite an alumni to pin them at a special ceremony, and the graduating Grade 5 class also passes the torch down to the incoming fifth graders during an end of year ceremony.

Writing is another important component of the curriculum. Students showcase their work through authentic experiences. For instance, Grade 5 students interview faculty and their work is published in the school newsletter. They also write and illustrate custom books for their Senior Kindergarten reading buddies based on the interests of the young reader. The Wordly Wise program helps expand student vocabulary and spelling skills. Research, persuasive writing, and poetry are incorporated throughout the year.

Students study historical leaders in social studies. Expanding upon their Grade 4 studies, students research Native American tribes across North America. They create a newspaper article as if they were interviewing a child from one of the tribes. Next, they research explorers and give presentations to the class. In the following unit, they create a commercial where they advertise different colonies and explain why their colony would be the best place to live. Students read novels that tie into this period, creating a cross­curricular connection to literature. Then they learn about the American Revolution, forming the government, and the westward movement. After they have learned about wilderness survival, students explore Fairchild Botanical Gardens on a field trip. Students typically end the year by presenting a research project on an American Hero.

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