A special message

From our board chair and head of school

Dear Friends,

It is with respect for St. Stephen Episcopal Schools past, a celebration of its present, and excitement about the Schoolís future that we share our aspiring plans to expand and enhance our facilities.

As an accredited and nationally recognized independent day school known for the strength of its academic program, its mission of service to the larger community in Coconut Grove and beyond, and a model for social justice believing that all children are created in Godís image, the School has a long tradition of inspiring and educating children to unveil a genius within each one through continuous improvement and innovation.

In keeping with this tradition, the Schoolís leadership has adopted a 5-year strategic plan to build facilities and transform our campus. The Plan encompasses developing programs that build on creativity, passion, learning, and leadership via a culture of innovation, flexible learning environments, and community as a brand.

This $8 million effort, Unveiling the Genius Within, is the outgrowth of a 15-month long process that included research, a school wide survey, a Visioning Day that involved over 200 members of our community from all constituencies, and task forces that helped delineate and articulate needs and initiatives essential to maintaining, strengthening, and building on St. Stephenís culture of excellence.

As articulated on this webpage, these planned facility improvementsówhile grandóare designed to support our current academic programs and allow opportunities for developing an adaptive world-class education for our students of today and of tomorrow.

International design and architecture firm Perkins + Will and world leading project development and construction group Skanska will head the construction project which is scheduled to begin school year 2017-2018. We hope that you will want to learn more about Unveiling the Genius Within and share in our desire to see this plan wholly supported and fully funded. Unveiling the Genius Within is all about sparking creativity, exploring passion, igniting learning, and empowering leaders.

With best wishes always,

Yery Marrero, Pí19
Silvia Larrauri, M.Ed

Campaign Co-Chair
  • Katie Ronan, Pí22
  • Sebastian Echavarria Pí24, Pí22 P'21
Campaign Cabinet
  • John Boord Pí14, Pí16 Pí17, Pí20
  • Andres Cisneros Pí20, Pí22, Pí25
  • Dougan Clarke Pí20, Pí22
  • Kristin Fonseca P'18, P'20
  • Peter Gardner '79, Pí13, Pí16, Pí18
  • Wendy Holman Pí19, Pí21, Pí24
  • Gabriela Imery Pí17, Pí19, Pí24
  • Silvia Larrauri
  • Yery Marrero Pí19
  • David Martin Pí22
  • Riley McCormack Pí21, Pí22
  • Eduardo Michelsen Pí18, Pí19
  • Matias Mosse Pí20, Pí22
  • Ricardo Souto Pí19, Pí20
  • Ana Arismendi Urdaneta, Pí17
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