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At St. Stephen’s we strive to have a balanced math approach that incorporates number sense, problem-solving skills, conceptual understanding, and computation. The goal is to increase math literacy for long-term achievement by having students master skills and think critically to become excellent problem solvers. Math is taught with the use of the common core standards with an emphasis on mathematical principles through project-based learning.

Senior K-Grade 3: Students develop number sense through the use of manipulatives and real-world applications at grade-appropriate levels. As number sense evolves, computation skills and critical thinking are introduced. To build on prior knowledge, curriculum concepts are spiraled from grade to grade as the complexity of problem-solving increases. A combination of innovative and traditional strategies are used during instruction to help students gain mastery of basic skills, develop flexibility of thought, and think critically and creatively.

Grades 4-5 Overview: Starting in Grade 4 and continuing in Grade 5, students are instructed in a specialized math lab. A math coach works with students in small group settings, offering a more personalized approach. Through project-based learning students see how math is important in the real world.

Grade 4: Projects at this grade level include a hands-on day of fun at the Metric Mini Olympics. During this interactive experience, students move from station to station exploring and becoming familiar with metric units by estimating and measuring. Other projects include: creating their own business; planning and budgeting a party and learning about geometry through photography.

Grade 5: Students are involved in a variety of projects that focus on budget and expenses. At Christmas, they adopt an imaginary needy family and shop online for practical gifts staying within a moderate budget. They also plan for an international vacation, calculating currency conversions and exploring the cost of travel. To solidify math connections to the real world, students visit businesses in Coconut Grove to answer the question: ‘Do you really need math to run a business?’ Students explore the dynamics of different local businesses and develop interview questions to further investigate the math involved in everyday operations that make a business successful.

Fractions are explored through creative hands-on activities such as creating art using fraction circles and building a dog house. When studying proportions and similar figures, students engage in a cartoon dilation assignment where they enlarge a comic strip frame while maintaining correct proportions.

Math Coaches: Our Math Coaches work with the faculty in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3 in addition to teaching the mathematics classes in Grades 4 and 5. As coaches, they work with teachers to plan innovative lessons, differentiate instruction, incorporate Thinking Maps, identify and address areas for improvement, and maximize strengths. The Math Coaches provide support and materials for remedial and enrichment activities depending on student needs.

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