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Our mathematics program provides a balanced approach to developing proficiency in age-appropriate math skills and concepts, fostering a love for mathematics in students. Mathematics is an active, investigative inquiry process that involves children on a physical, cognitive, and emotional level. A hands-on approach stimulates curiosity about math and helps to develop an understanding of the importance of math in society.

Senior K-Grade 3: Students begin to develop number sense as the usefulness of mathematics in the real world becomes apparent. Teachers use concrete facts and ideas to help students attain computation and critical-thinking skills in a way that is relevant. The math program maximizes each student’s potential through explanation, modeling, and awareness to promote the most rewarding experience. Students learn basic concepts of mathematical processes and apply these concepts and principles to new situations and in problem-solving by accessing prior knowledge.

Grades 4-5 Overview: Starting in Grade 4 and continuing in Grade 5, students are instructed in a specialized math lab. A math coach and assistant work with the students in small group settings, offering a more personalized approach.

Grade 4: 
Projects at this grade level include a hands-on day of fun at the Metric Mini Olympics. This interactive day takes place on the field with different stations. At the Tom’s Shoes Donating Event students learn about business side, and the human element; students engage in different stations, including making their own shoes. At this cross-curricular event students incorporate math throughout the day.

Grade 5: 
After reading a book involving currency, students create their own currency project where they budget for expenses and calculate international currency conversions. In the past, we have be fortunate enough for guest authors to read to the students. Students adopt a needy family, budget gifts for them.

To solidify math connections to the real world, students visit businesses in Coconut Grove to answer the question: ‘Do you really need math to run a business?’ Students develop interview questions and the project culminates with a presentation to their classmates.

Projects are designed for hands-on learning. When studying proportions and similar figures, students engage in a cartoon dilation assignment where students enlarge an image while maintaining correct proportions. A final example is a student stock portfolio where students learn about the process of buying and selling stocks.

Accelerated Mathematics: The accelerated mathematics program at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School is designed for students in grade five who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in mathematical concepts and reasoning skills. The main objective of this program is to advance the students as outlined in the Common Core practices for Mathematics. Teachers encourage students to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, reason abstractly and quantitatively, and to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Whenever possible, students explore real-world applications to make their learning meaningful. The relationship between mathematics, science and other disciplines is frequently explored as we guide the students to look at the world with a keener mathematical eye.

Math Coach: Our Math Coach works with the faculty in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3, in addition to teaching the mathematics classes in grades 4 and 5. The Coach explores effective and innovative teaching methods and discuss concerns about any of the students with the teachers. They share best practices and plan with teachers, model lessons, and work with small groups of students to ensure differentiation of instruction. The Math Coach provide support and materials for remedial and enrichment activities depending on student needs.

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