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Parent Involvement

School-Wide Event Volunteer

One of the cornerstones of the St. Stephen's community is parent involvement. There are a variety of opportunities for parents throughout the year. Visit Parent Volunteer Sign-Up to get involved.

This is a week where we get to show our hard working teachers how much we appreciate them. Help with the planning and execution of the events. Typical events include: Teacher Breakfast on Campus, Car Wash Days, Distribution of Teacher Appreciation Gifts, etc.

This year’s annual fundraiser will consist of a party and auction. Help organize the event, set-up and decorate the day of the event, or become a part of the auction committee.

St. Stephen’s Art Show is the largest fundraising event for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The School shows its support by having volunteers (including parents, faculty and staff) who assist with the three-day show in a variety of capacities. Volunteers help at food and drink stations, admission gate, and/or set up and break down of the event. Your help is greatly appreciated.

This event will be fun for both students and parents and is a great opportunity for parents to support their children in a sporting event. Students and faculty are divided into two teams and compete in various field and court events. Volunteers may be called upon to help with the planning of the event, but are mostly needed the day of the event to supervise a station, referee an event, tally scores and/or serve refreshments and food. (Detailed information will be provided by the chairs.)

This event has the dual purpose of benefiting our School Library while highlighting the wonder and excitement of reading for all our children. Scholastics will host this annual fair in our library with daily class visits at designated times. Volunteers will be needed to help the children and staff the day of the event and during the week to help sell book fair gift certificates.

This is a fun day for children and parents and its success is largely dependent on parent volunteers. You may be asked to help with planning, set up and breakdown, and/or supervising activities on the day of the event. Parents, please remember that children must have an adult to accompany them during the carnival.

The Helping Hands Committee needs volunteers to help organize and facilitate many community outreach programs. Activities include: After School Helping Hands Kids Club Projects, The Food Recovery partnership with Second Spoon, The Head Start program in West Coconut Grove, and Monthly Meals for the young people at Casa Valentina. This is an important element of our community and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Now

Our wonderful Science and Math teachers (Mrs. Zepeda, Ms. Mohr, Ms. Finlay, and Mr. Carlos) need a helping hand! We're looking for volunteers to help with different events throughout the year. Mrs. Zepeda needs volunteers on Fridays, most any time, to help her with her wonderful organic garden. There are usually one or two math and science events. If you have a love for Science and Math or just love that your kids come home expressing how much fun they had learning with our Science and Math teachers, please sign-up as a volunteer to make our upcoming events successful and memorable!

GreenSSEDS is a parent volunteer group dedicated to the development and implementation of on-campus programs that raise environmental awareness and create a healthier, greener SSEDS. This group will partner with teachers, school staff and parents to create ongoing environmental education programs for students in all grades. The volunteer team will also organize our Earth Day celebrations, recycling, and other environmental focused programs.


Our extensive library needs volunteers to help collect books from the classrooms, process inventory and decorate during festive seasons. Volunteers may choose to come on designated days after flag salute and before dismissal.

Volunteers have the wonderful task of capturing our children’s Kodak moments through the school year, during classes, at class parties, field trips, class plays and pictures of all class students. Special photo candid days are scheduled on the calendar and you may also arrange with teachers to take photos at other times. It's also a great way to get a look at your child's day!

Upcoming Events

November 6, 2020

Faculty Professional Day - NO SCHOOL

November 25 - 29, 2020

Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

December 7, 2020

Faculty Professional Day - NO SCHOOL