Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning



Our Pre-K program offers a developmentally appropriate, play and art-based curriculum, designed to stimulate and challenge our youngest students as they begin their journey as lifelong learners. Everything in Pre­-K is hands ­on to spark a passion for learning in a nurturing environment. Our young students develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills in an environment rich in opportunities for exploration.

Early literacy skills are fostered through the introduction of the alphabet and exposure to various types of literature.

A foundation for math skills is introduced through number sense, shapes, sorting and patterns. Music and kinesthetic movement are incorporated as a part of our daily routine.

Fine motor and gross motor skills are strengthened through creative art projects. Our young explorers are introduced to famous artists through our “Little Artist Series”.

Students develop their language skills through purposeful play and collaboration with peers. Play is vital to early childhood development and is encouraged throughout our day. 

Social and emotional development are also key components of our program. In our diverse community, the students begin learning about different character traits and Christian values.

While our approach to early education focuses on real-world experiences, technology is incorporated when appropriate. Pre-K students are given the opportunity to explore their natural curiosity through STEAM skills and concepts.

In Pre-K, we instill a love of learning and create a path to success!

Upcoming Events

November 20, 2019

Admission Open House
9:00 am

November 22, 2019

Family Movie Night
6:00 pm

November 26, 2019

Grandparents & Special Friends Day
8:00 am

November 26, 2019

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