Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning



Everything in Pre­-K is hands ­on to develop fine motor skills and spark a passion for learning. In Pre­-K, students learn their letters, shapes, numbers, and colors. Our teachers take an innovative approach by teaching the alphabet by associating each letter with an animal, or other unique associations, (i.e. B is for Beatles Day as in the band). Music and motion are a vital part of our program. Additionally, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are incorporated into the day. Our energetic students love the kinesthetic movements of practicing yoga. Play, emotional development, and peer interaction are very important at this age. Our students develop expressive language through story dictation, and many projects include a writing component. They practice developing essential fine motor skills through writing in unique mediums such as sand.

Special lessons are incorporated throughout the year. For example, when learning about the senses, JK and Pre-­K teachers work together to create hands­ on lessons which students experience by rotating between multiple classrooms. Creative and social interactions are paramount at this age.  Multicultural holidays are celebrated, ranging from Jesus’ birthday party, Hanukkah, and Chinese New Year.

When studying community helpers, we host a career day where students dress up and guest speakers from the community talk to the students.  In the past, we have had police officers, doctors, a ballerina, nurses, a veterinarian, and the firefighters bring the fire truck for a special experience. 

While our approach to early education focuses on real world experiences instead of screen time, technology is incorporated when appropriate.  For example, students take a virtual field trip to Mount Everest.  Our STEM Assistant works with students in small groups, instilling the basics of early building blocks for coding and programming.  Learning games are also a part of the curriculum.

The students are introduced to famous painters and create art projects influenced by Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, and Walter Kandinsky.  Students experience interesting tactical sensations, such as painting with flowers. Craft projects are incorporated throughout the year to enhance learning.

Students develop a love of learning and a passion for school early here at St. Stephen’s!

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