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Primary Science

A Sense of Wonder

Adjacent to the primary garden, the science classroom is more akin to a discovery center than a traditional classroom. A hands-on approach to science encourages students to enlarge their sense of wonder and discover answers to their questions. In a recent experiment, students created a pulley to see how many pennies it takes to lift an apple up a ramp.

Below is a glimpse into a few of the themes explored in primary science.

Life Science

Students discover that every seed has a tiny plant inside through hands-on experiments dissecting seeds. Some plants students grow are radishes, pumpkins, and green beans during this unit, in addition to tending to the herb garden year round. Our chef even uses student-grown herbs in the cafeteria!

Students will dive into the ocean or take a safari to discover many of the amazing animals on our planet. Insect biology, life cycles, food chains and habitats will be examined through hands-on activities, experiments and field trips. The students will also be able to experience the butterfly life cycle on campus with our butterfly plants on Butterfly Lane.

Earth and Space Science

How are landforms and bodies of water formed? Where do rocks come from? How far away is the Sun? Students will discover the answers to these questions and more in the Earth and Space Science unit.

From cooled lava to gemstones, student tables are covered in rocks and minerals during this unit.  Students learn the characteristics of rocks (shiny, dull, rough, smooth, etc.), how different rocks are formed, and the layers of earth. After studying rocks, each student gets their own rock to keep to start their own collection.

After being exposed to an overview of space, students are challenged to take on the role of teacher. After selecting a planet, students conduct research in an open-ended creative project complete with a bibliography. Past student projects include e-books, models (like a Lego model of the International Space Station), and posters.

Physical Science

In this unit, students focus on matter, motion, simple machines, magnets, and electricity. They also explore physical science through various experiments, including sink and float boats, building simple machines, and coding with robots. They have the unique opportunity to direct their own learning based on their interests and expand their learning through exploration.

Primary Science challenges students to think out of the box, combining creativity and science. We strive to “help children observe that science is everywhere in their lives.”

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