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Devices in the Home

Charging iPads & Devices at Night
Please remind your child to charge their iPad every night! We recommend charging them in a common room like the kitchen, or even the parent's bedroom. Children should not have the device in their room with them at night.

Studies, like this one from Harvard, have shown that the blue light from screens before bedtime can be disruptive to the sleep cycle.  In order to combat this disruption to sleep, companies have created a night shift setting for viewing devices in the evening which reduces blue light. Here are the instructions for iPhone and Android
Lastly, did you know there is a 'do not disturb' setting for your cell phone? This setting turns off annoying notifications during night hours, but repeated calls can still come through. Here are the instructions for iPhone and Android

Parental Control Devices
Not all screen time is created equal! Video chatting with family or using the device as a creative outlet can be beneficial. Some time on games can be therapeutic and may help children unwind. However, we also want to empower you to be able to monitor what your kids are doing. Here are some recommendations for parental control devices:

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Tech Tips for Parents

With technology changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up!  Along with our hands-on workshops and guest speakers, this blog seeks to educate parents on navigating social media themselves, so they will be more empowered to help their children.  As a community, we can learn together.  Today the internet has the power to reach a much wider audience than our immediate peers that we know in real life.

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