Instilling a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Upper Science

Science is best learned through experience. Students at St. Stephen’s engage in many open-ended projects and activities that have no set answer. Students struggle and create and fail and persevere. Asking questions and seeking answers can be messy. It is in the sorting through of these messes - these struggles - where students learn and grow. Students use these opportunities to explore, expand, and change the ways in which they view the world.

The goal of the science program at St. Stephen’s is to encourage the development of scientific thought within our students. Students must experience science in order to develop an understanding and appreciation for science. Children are born investigators. They need to be given the opportunity to carry out scientific investigations and develop explanations about the world based on evidence discovered from their work. The science program at St. Stephen’s strives to increase each child’s knowledge and understanding of God’s wondrous creation, the interrelationships of things in this creation, and the child’s place in all of this.

Inherent in our curriculum is the goal of cultivating in our students the personal characteristics of good scientists. Students become curious, critical thinkers, intelligently observing of the world around them. In an increasingly technological world, we guide students to become scientifically literate citizens.

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