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Why an Episcopal School?

Episcopal schools possess a unique freedom -- not freedom from, but freedom for.

  • We are free to ask questions, to explore, to use our minds.
  • We are free to pray, to express the spiritual dimensions of being human.
  • We are free to talk about God and to learn about all religions.
  • We are free to gather, be it in chapel on a regular basis, at the flag ceremony each morning, or when we come together because a crisis or loss is experienced by the community.
  • We are free to welcome a wide diverse group of people to our community.
  • We are free to serve the community, in ways large or small, by virtue of our grounding in the Christian tradition and its strong commitment to service.
  • We are free to view our students not just as doers, achievers, performers, but as children of God, possessing innate value and worth.
  • We are free to think, to love, and to grow.

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D.
Executive Director, National Association of Episcopal Schools